The Ceremony

We can organise a variety of ceremonies here around this wonderful lake.

The Churches in the region are spectacular. There is some strict protocol pertaining to church weddings here in Italy but we at I Do! Italia have a wide experience of how things are organised. For a Catholic couple to marry in church is the most straightforward option, however we can organise marriages in church for couples of mixed faiths and we will assist you as much as we can with all your documentation needs for the Bishop's office in Brescia who are incredibly supportive. We do have contact with several English speaking priests who work well in collaboration with the parish priests of the lakeside churches. Couples with a short time frame in which to organise things may find that sourcing all the paperwork might make a church wedding unfeasible. Couples who marry in church must not be previously divorced.

Civil weddings can only take place in a Town Hall or in a municipal building owned by the Town Hall. We are very fortunate to have some wonderful municipal buildings which can be utilised for the purpose of a wedding. As our forte is tailor-making each and every event we can offer the perfect wedding ceremony venue tailored to your individual needs.

The officials, including the resplendent mayors of the region will perform your marriage ceremony, in the tricolore Italian sash of course!

Civil ceremonies are concise but charming too. With the elegance both of your surroundings and these wonderful buildings, you will be left with an unforgettable experience.

Paperwork for your civil wedding ceremony is usually quite straighforward and we will assist you with all your documentation needs. Paperwork from relevant Consulates and Embassies is issued no sooner than six months in advance.

Your multi-lingual marriage certificate issued in Italy conforms to regulations necessary abroad and is issued under the ruling of the Convention of Vienna signed 8th September 1976.

Please note that in Italy brides keep their maiden names even after marriage but you can easily change this if desired, back in your country of origin. In cases where couples are divorced, the bride needs to have been divorced for one year before a civil ceremony can take place - the same rules for the groom do not apply - (we are working on this)!

We have on our team several wonderful interpreters and are able to offer this service during the ceremony. We always introduce you to each other first as interpreting can be rather sterile. You will find our interpreters professional, warm, friendly and able to put you totally at ease during this most special time. We can personalise your wedding ceremony by incorportating your favourite readings and music and our interpreters will guide you effortlessley through the service format.

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