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The wedding menus are absolutley fantastic with a wide choice too. The courses just keep coming!

The menu consists of:

Primi of pasta
Primi of rissotto
A fish main
A meat main
Wedding Cake
Coffee and liquors

Throughout the meal you will be served the finest locally produced Franciacorta wines.

We have learnt through experience that less is sometimes more and have convinced our chefs to be a little flexible. As well as including all of the above, our costs include a printed menu for the tables and fresh flowers for each table. Prices vary from 90 Euros per head including wine with the meal.

Children’s menu is usually 50% of the full rate. Unders 2’s no charge.

Our menus also cater to vegetarian and other dietary needs.

We can arrange a tasting of all your favourite selections before your event so you can choose your tailor-made menu.

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